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Light Lunch Fare With Local Flair—Cafe Solstice Offers a Healthy Lunch Menu Featuring Local Produce.

The vibe at Cafe Solstice is down-to-earth, comfortable, and friendly.


An inviting interior welcomes diners to Cafe Solstice. Photos by Steven Vargo.

The moment you walk into Cafe Solstice inside the hippie emporium, Dancing Crane, you know you’re in for something different. The ceilings are high, decorated with strings of colorful lights to match the funky decor. The feeling is down-to-earth, comfortable, and friendly. There’s a small library of books to read, huge indoor plants, comfy couches to lounge on, and local art displayed on the walls.

The menu features a plethora of coffee and tea beverages and a menu of light lunch options. Expect to find craveable sandwiches, delectable soups, and other veg-friendly dishes with produce from Keep It Real Vegetables and Stagl Organics.There’s also a tempting pastry case with vegan and gluten-free desserts.

Owner Erin Arrigo firmly believes in the power of buying local, and her passion shows in flavorful and fresh dishes. “Using local produce throughout the growing season not only guarantees high quality food, but a bond with the growers and the food they deliver. I get to expand my normal menus and create new things that taste amazing and are intrinsically valuable. I feel that the more we give support to local food growers, we can help guarantee a future with healthy and diverse food sources,” she says.

Stop by Cafe Solstice the next time you’re in the mood for a healthy lunch and a relaxing afternoon of New Age shopping. You can find them inside Dancing Crane at 673 Simpson Avenue in Salt Lake City.

Erin Arrigo, owner of Cafe Solstice.

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