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Utah Coffee Establishments That Are Here to Stay

Coffee Garden, Caffee Ibis and Publik Coffee Roasters are some of the old guard coffee establishments in Utah.


Caffe Ibis

Caffe Ibis is one of the original specialty coffee roasters in Utah. Coffee roasting began with Randy Wirth, one of the founders. Back in the early days, Randy learned the craft through a combination of experimentation and from other roasters involved with the Specialty Coffee Association. Throughout the years, that skill has been taught to other employees and is now managed by Brandon Despain.

They roast their beans five days a week, more if needed, and will roast to order. They offer a variety of coffees from single origin, blends, and roast levels unparalleled in Utah.  Caffe Ibis is also one of the first roasters to offer organic, fair trade, and Smithsonian bird-friendly coffee, making them committed to both social justice and the environment. – Reported by Aimee L. Cook

52 Federal Ave., Logan, Utah

Coffee Garden

Coffee Garden opened their doors in May of 1993. Owner Alan Hebertson says, “The shop provides a sense of neighborhood, a sense of community—almost family. The faces have been around for 24 years. The same people who were with us when we opened are still among our loyal customer base despite all the coffee shops that have come and gone in the neighborhood and the city.”

Along with great customer service, Hebertson lauds the shops’ espresso and their on-site produced French pastries.

Coffee Garden uses beans from Caffe Ibis—a relationship they’ve had since opening their doors. – Reported by Connie Lewis

Coffee Garden has two locations: 878 E 900 S and 254 S Main Street in Salt Lake City. 

Publik Coffee Roasters

Missy Greis, from Publik Coffee says, “Our roaster gained training at Diedrich Roasters in Sandpoint, Idaho, where our machine and oxidizer are manufactured. We are the only roaster on the Wasatch Front with an oxidizer that filters out 96% of the particulates released from the roasting process.” The oxidizer helps in efforts to promote cleaner air.

The coffee is served at all three Publik locations, and at various restaurants and businesses in Utah, as well as coffee houses in Idaho and Montana. It is made fresh, and they follow their specified process to keep that great taste. “The roast profile is created and maintained using an “every 30 second” measurement of temperature and airflow, which results in each blend being the same from day to day,” says Greis. “Our coffee is fresh with unwavering quality.” – Reported by Sophia Limpert

Publik has three locations: 975 S West Temple, 931 E 900 S, and 502 3rd Ave. in Salt Lake City. 

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