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Fisher Brewing Company Stages a Welcome Comeback

Fisher Brewing Co. is resurrected with respect for the past and updated design and innovative marketing.


Tom Riemondy, Colby Frazier, Tim Dwyer, Steven Brown

The Granary District, Salt Lake’s blue-collar-neighborhood-turned-hipster haven is welcoming an old friend: the reincarnation of A. Fisher Brewing Co. Originally Established in 1844, A. Fisher Brewing Co. is one of Utah’s oldest and largest breweries.

Over 170 years later, Tom Riemondy—the descendant of the brewery’s founder, Albert Fisher and a small group of friends—Colby Frazier, Tim Dwyer, and Steven Brown—have resurrected this historical Utah beer brand. With backgrounds in brewing, construction, and solar and wind engineering, this tetrad is perfectly suited for the task at hand—renovating an old auto shop into a small brewery and tavern. Handmade wooden tables, beautifully restored windows, a hand-painted sign and other intricate details maintain the industrial charm of the shop.

“We’ve done a lot of the work in this place. It’s a really strong reflection of each of the four of us,” explains Dwyer. “We’ve made all the decisions on the layout and design down to the tables and chairs. We wanted to build a place that was a reflection of each of the four of us. I think we’ve accomplished that.”

Neither a brewpub nor a distribution brewery, A. Fisher Brewing Co. will host a changing lineup of food trucks rather than selling food in-house. They’ll sell beer on tap and in growlers rather than in bottles and cans. With 20 distinct beers fresh on tap, you can expect to taste everything from ales to lagers. Find something you love? Fill up a growler and take it home, because you won’t be able to find their beer anywhere else. “The business model focuses on selling our beer at this location,” says Frazier. “Hopefully we’ve created a place where people want to come and drink beer. That’s how we hope to compete.”

Funded by the four owners, an SBA loan, and a successful Kickstarter campaign, people have shown great interest in this unique brewery and have been eager to invest. History and beer go hand in hand in Utah, and A. Fisher Brewing Company promises to be a fun, unique place to imbibe, complete with historical artifacts from the original brewery, donated by fans. The use of original logos combined with the tagline, “Sparkle Brewed to the Altitude,” make this brewery feel even more familiar.

A. Fisher Brewing Co. can be found at 320 West 800 South in Salt Lake City. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram to see what they’re brewing.


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