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Fifth Annual Caputo’s Chocolate Festival

Caputo’s Fifth Annual Chocolate Festival Features Highly Awarded Amano Chocolate


chocolate_fest_2016__41418-1476482956-450-670Spotlighting Utah’s own highly awarded Amano Chocolate at the Fifth Annual Caputo’s Chocolate Festival, local standout chefs and beverage experts will craft chocolate-based creations to benefit the Heirloom Cacao Preservation Initiative.

Amano Chocolate is no stranger to the spotlight. Holding the title of most award-winning chocolate in America, and having won Gold and Silver just last week at the International Chocolate Awards for two different bars, Amano is well-known for selecting the most distinct and rare types of heirloom cacao through well-developed direct relationships with the world’s best cacao producers. Amano, as stated by founder Art Pollard, “is dedicated to creating some of the world’s most exquisite chocolate through traditional techniques.”

This year’s all-star culinary lineup includes Briar Handly & Alexa Norlin of HSL, Courtney McDowell of Pallet Bistro, Akane Nakamura of Naked Fish Japanese Bistro, Amber Billingsley of Amour Cafe, and Alicia Pacheco of Publik Kitchen. These talented chefs will be showcasing the bold, bright flavors and aromas found in Amano’s bars with unique gastronomic applications both sweet and savory. Wine will be served by Libation Inc., beer will be poured by Avenues Proper, craft cocktails will be shaken & stirred by Water Witch Bar, and brewed-to-order coffee will be provided by La Barba Coffee Roasters.

“Amano was part of the first wave of craft chocolate makers in the US. When they got started there were only about 14 other chocolate makers, including giants like Hersheys. Now there are hundreds,” says Caputo’s CEO Matt Caputo. “Amano’s chocolate making style is one of a kind. On the scale from loud, brash American to sophisticated European, Amano achieves what makes each style great, without sacrifice.”

The fifth annual Caputo’s Chocolate Festival takes place on Thursday, November 17th, beginning at 7:00 PM, at the downtown Caputo’s Market & Deli (314 West 300 South, Salt Lake City). Admission is $35, plus an additional $15 for optional alcohol beverage pairings (highly recommended). Space is limited, and tickets must be purchased in advance. Get yours now by calling 801.531.8669 or visiting  today. All proceeds from this event will be donated to the Heirloom Cacao Preservation Initiative.

About Heirloom Cacao Preservation:

The HCP is a non-profit collaboration between the Fine Chocolate Industry Association (FCIA) and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to genetically identify strains of cacao that are extraordinary and unique in flavor and quality and preserve them in the face of an agricultural system that is quickly killing them off. For more information, visit http://www.finechocolateindustry.org/hcp

About Amano Chocolate:

Made right here in Utah, Amano Chocolate is America’s most highly awarded chocolate, with 100+ American and international accolades under its belt. Founder and chocolate maker Art Pollard is known for making single origin bars that show balance and sophistication, as well as inclusion bars that pair unique flavors to deliver unexpected results.

About Caputo’s Market & Deli:

Caputo’s Market & Deli is Utah’s leading purveyor of regional Italian and Southern European foods, winner of numerous specialty food awards, and an advocate for bean-to-bar craft chocolate. With four locations across the Salt Lake Valley, Caputo’s has solidified its position as one of the nation’s best specialty markets, offering a vast array of unique products ranging from olive oil, vinegar, salumi, and bitters, to cave-aged cheese, craft chocolate, and much, much more.

-Yelena Caputo

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