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European Treats from The Old Dutch Store since 1978

Find old world treats and gifts at The Old Dutch Store in Sugar House


Assistant manager, Lindsay Taylor, holds a tray of house-made bratwurst, weisswurst and Polish Sausage. Photo by Mike Jones.

Immigrants, Dutch students, returned LDS missionaries, and world travelers have been shopping at The Old Dutch Store for all of their favorite foods and gift items from Holland and other northern European countries since the store opened its doors in 1978. In March of 2003, Sharon Humphries Wuolukka bought the store and has carried on its traditions.

“All of our products are imported from the different countries, except that our meats come from California and New Jersey,” says Katie Reid, kitchen manager and chef. Reid makes many of the sausages carried in the store. She learned the recipes and skills from her grandfather before he retired.

Some of the popular cheeses they carry are Leyden, Danish Havarti, Swiss raclette, and many different flavors and types of Dutch Gouda.

Then there are the traditional treats. Stroopwafel is a waffle made of two thin layers of baked dough with caramel syrup sandwiched in between the layers. One way to eat them is to soften them atop a cup of coffee or hot cocoa. You can buy freshly made ones or prepackaged ones directly from the Netherlands at the store. Salty licorice is an acquired taste. It comes in a variety of saltiness, shapes and textures. Buttered white bread topped with hagelslag (translation: hailstorm), and chocolate sprinkles, is a favorite of children of all ages.

To keep the traditions of the Sinterklaas (December 5) and Christmas Day celebrations alive, The Old Dutch Store is your one-stop shop where you can find chocolate letters (each family member gets their first initial in chocolate), wooden shoes to hold your gifts, gelderse wurst meat for your holiday party sandwiches, and many other festive items.

Stop by anytime of year for a bite to eat from the deli and to pick up your favorite European gifts and treats. 

2696 Highland Drive Salt Lake City, Utah 84106   801-467-5052


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