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Eden Man Cave – Refuge from the Cares of the World

Playrooms for grownups – Utah has some great man caves.


Robert Bachman at his man cave pool table. Photos by Steven Vargo.

“Every guy needs a little time and space to get away from the many distractions of everyday life,” says Robert Bachman. “I’ve collected a lot of different bar items and thought I should build a man cave to pull it all together.”

Robert has collected many different bar-related items over the years. He says it is something he was drawn to. “Growing up, I was an Air Force brat and we moved a lot. Going to friends’ houses and seeing their bars amazed me at the time. I thought it was a cool idea.”

Robert collects what wife calls junk, such as special beer cans like Billy (Carter) Beer and vintage Coors cans. He knew he wanted a pool table and a place for his Terminator pinball machine, and the man cave is the perfect place to hold his collection and entertain.hy2a2060

The pool table was especially important because he remembers his dad buying a new pool table every time they moved. He would invite classmates over to play and make new friends. “All the stuff is in my history, present and future,” Robert says.

He built the cave as a walk-out basement so it’s not so isolated from the rest of his house. And though his wife respects his need for a space to call his own, she doesn’t completely understand it.

“When I entertain my friends, we gravitate to the man cave and the pin-ball machine, pool table and full wet bar,” he says. Robert holds an annual Superbowl party, but also invites people over just to socialize or play cards. Women are even allowed in on special occasions.

The room is decorated with a ‘60s and ‘70s rock theme plus movie trivia. And he says that even though it is in the basement, it is light and spacious.

There are no rules in Robert’s man cave other than making sure people don’t over-drink and try to drive home. He keeps an eye on his guests to make sure they’ll be safe.

As for the future of Robert’s man cave, he has plans to update his stereo system while implementing vinyl records. He found an old turntable and an amplifier system from the ‘70s. He is excited, but says, “My wife is not excited for my plans for outdoor speakers on the deck.” hy2a2076



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