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Three more great dining options.


Chopped Brisket and Sausage

R & R Barbeque

As any meat lover can tell you, slow cooked, smoked meat is one of the finer things in life. Now, when I say “slow cooked,” I don’t mean a crock pot, Dutch oven or a charcoal grill. I’m talking about REAL BBQ. There is a BIG difference between grilling and BBQ. If you disagree, you obviously haven’t tried R & R BBQProprietors Roger and Rod have long been traveling the competition BBQ circuit. Their success throughout the national BBQ scene has paved the way for them to share their award-winning BBQ with the masses – and we are grateful!

One step into the shop and you know you’ve made the right decision. The shop, décor and atmosphere all lead up to an amazing experience. Roger and Rod also spend time at the restaurant, cooking, mingling with guests and keeping the quality where it needs to be. The pulled pork and ribs are a must try and the side dishes are plentiful. You can also buy their sauces to enjoy on your own BBQ.

307 West 600 South, SLC.

Crab Cakes

Tiburon Fine Dining

There is so much to say about the delicious food at Tiburon. Every single thing I have tasted from there quickly becomes my favorite food. The crab cakes alone are reason enough to visit Tiburon but please, don’t deprive your taste buds by stopping there.

 Vegetables and herbs are grown in house and the entrees are meaty and delicious. The sauces are savory and are perfectly paired with each entrée. New Zealand Elk, the house specialty is always worthy of trying. That said, there are no bad choices on their menu. One could literally close their eyes, point to a random spot on said menu and always leave feeling happy with their “choice.”

Tiburon is a great place to celebrate a big occasion or even a relaxing night out. The wait staff is always friendly and accommodating. The menu may be small but each dish is big in flavor.

8256 South 700 East, Sandy

12439324_1118084921535682_5986275427386312036_nSettebello Pizzeria Napoletana

Settebello Pizzeria Napoletana is hands down the most authentic Napoletana style pizza around. I dare say it is some of the best pizza I have had outside of Italy.

The flavor can be credited to a few things. First, Settebello is Vera Pizza Napoletana certified, meaning they adhere to strict guidelines to assure the integrity of Napoletana pizza. Not only is the wood oven imported from Italy, but many of the ingredients are imported from the birthplace of the modern pizza.

The pizza is made with soft dough and is worked by hand and not a rolling pin. It is cooked in the wood oven for approximately one minute which helps give it the soft, foldable crust. In my opinion the best way to judge a pizza is by ordering a Margherita pizza. You can’t conceal the flavor of the sauce, cheese and crust with toppings. My suggestion? Head to Settebello, pronto!

Experience the original. Experience what a pizza should taste like. Experience Settebello.

260 South 200 West, SLC



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