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Made in Utah Festival 2016

Join us September 24 for Utah Stories’ Made in Utah Festival.


Utah Stories Magazine introduces our 3rd Made in Utah Festival


Last year the Made in Utah Festival started as a parking-lot, tailgating party. We brought together local musicians, artisans, farmers and food producers to sample each other’s products, exchange ideas, information and best-business practices.

The first festival was in the parking lot of Bohemian Brewery in Spring 2015. The second festival was in the parking lot of and co-hosted by Red Rock Brewing Company in Fall of 2015. The second festival attracted the maximum capacity 35 vendors and over 750 attendees on a Wednesday evening.

This year The Gateway Center will be hosting the 3rd annual festival. Utah Stories Magazine is organizing the event (partnering with Vivant Solar, KCPW, Utah’s Own, Crone’s Hollow, The Gateway and Young Professionals Salt Lake City). In addition to a great lineup of local bands, Utah breweries will be selling their beer, wine makers their vintages by the glass, and distilleries their spirits and cocktails. However, this is an all ages event inviting families to taste some of Utah’s best cheese makers, sausage makers, pasture-raised beef producers, preserve and chocolate makers, bath and body makers and many others. They will all be offering their products to sample and buy. We would like them all to sell out, so come ready to shop.

The purpose of the Made in Utah Festival is to bolster local economic growth, and build a strong network among entrepreneurs who are creating wealth from grassroots: right from our own backyard farms, factories and producers. We are inviting city and state economic leaders to help strengthen the idea of local economic development rather than the standard practice of enticing corporate chains into communities through tax abatements and rebates.

Utah Stories’ mission along with the mission of the festival is to preserve the integrity of local communities by encouraging shoppers to support local shops, farmers and producers.  The economic benefits of everyone in Utah shifting their spending by just 10% amounts to a $1.3 billion dollars remaining in the local economy: the equivalent of 10 Outdoor Retailers Festivals and 3 Sundance Film Festivals.

The festival will be held at The Gateway Center on September 24th from 11 AM to 9 PM. The networking session featuring discourses  on small business finance, marketing, promotion and distribution will be held Friday night also at The Gateway and is sponsored by Cantu’s Cullinary Creations.

Sponsored by Vivant Solar, Crone’s Hollow, Utah’s Own, , The Gateway and Utah Stories.

Other sponsors include: Cantu’s Cullinary Creations and Argentina’s Best Empanadas

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