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Overview_of_class_of_Senior_Citizens_write_Wikipedia_in_MLP,_2014-11-04If you are over 62, read this story.

If you know someone over 62, read this story.

In fact, everyone should read this story, because it is about HB 60, one of the best laws ever passed by the Utah legislature. HB 60 allows seniors over 62 (yeah, it is confusing) to attend classes at state-sponsored universities and community colleges for only a $25 registration fee.  That is $25 per semester, not per class. No prior degree or educational background is needed.

The law, passed in 1977, recognizes that learning never ends. It allows seniors to audit classes and learn in an environment free from the pressure of grades. “Art appreciation, foreign languages… when you check out the class schedule, it is unbelievable what you can discover,” said registration representative Brad Blake.

I crossed the magic threshold myself last year and was intrigued to take a class about Greek mythology at the U of U. I spent three months experiencing the joy of pure learning. An added benefit was realizing the high intelligence of the undergrads. I felt my social security benefits were in good hands.

The Greek myth class took place in a large lecture hall, so registration was easy. For a senior to attend, a class must have extra space available. Specialized programs such as pottery may require additional material fees. Graduate-level classes are also possible, but would need professor approval.

Seniors may register for fall, spring and summer sessions, and can choose their classes from the university catalog. The 2016 fall semester signup begins August 16th and continues to September 2nd. One must show up in person to room 1185 in building annex “A.” Building A is in the gray-sided complex immediately east of the Jon M. Huntsman Center, where basketball is played.

An average of 150 seniors apply per semester. This is such a good deal that an exponent should be applied to that number. What’s an exponent? Take a math class and find out.

Info on available classes can be found at University of Utah Fall 2016 class schedule. 

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