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St. George Man Caves

If your heart’s desire is a custom man cave and you don’t have space – just buy a storage unit.


Man Caves are used for everything from housing classic cars to entertainment centers. Photo courtesy of Adventure Storage.

What happens when your wife won’t let you build a man cave in the basement? You buy a storage unit. Adventure Storage in St. George offers storage units, for sale rather than for rent, to transform into any man’s fantasy of fun.

With tiled designs, a kitchen space, leather furnishings and an inviting ambiance, it is easy to forget you are actually in a storage unit. One reminder might be the classic car or motorhome taking up residence in the corner.

The customizable units come standard with air conditioning, heat, finished walls, painted trim, finished concrete, a 14 x18 foot overhead garage door and a front window. Clark Kelsey, marketing director for Adventure believes they are the only ones in the state offering this particular version of man cave storage units.

A standard 1250 square foot until sells for $129,000. The company also offers upgrades such as bathrooms, second floor lofts and office space, or the units can be purchased as is.

The only catch, according to zoning laws, is that you can’t live in your man cave or operate a business that would have customers coming and going.

Kelsey says that up to now they’ve sold 12 units. One houses a motor home and another stores classic cars. “Some have purchased the units so they can have their toys upstairs and television downstairs with a little kitchen and room for storage.” One man set up his woodworking shop and has an instant getaway spot to tinker on his projects.

The coolest things Kelsey has seen in one of the units is an installed car lift so the owner can work on his classic cars.

And to be fair, what happens when your husband complains about your stuff taking up too much space? You buy a storage unit and set up your own she-shed. §


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