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The Sewist

Ogden’s Keith Tisher turns sewing into an art and fine-tooled craft.


Keith Tisher demonstrates his My Sweet Spot invention.
Keith Tisher demonstrates his My Sweet Spot invention Photos by Paige Wiren

Keith Tisher calls himself a sewist. “There are tailors, upholsterers, seamstresses, cobblers — these are names that are recognized worldwide. But I didn’t want to limit myself to being just one of those categories.” Keith tried “fabric wrangler” for a bit, but folks had a hard time connecting to that name. “Sewing solution specialist” summed up the gist of his talents, but, he says, “it was a mouthful.” He needed a name that evoked that he is good at what he does, and that he’s been doing it a long time. Following a common naming protocol for professionals, such as dentist, or florist, Keith chose “sewist” as his “trusted name.” “What do I do?” he continues. “I solve sewing needs. Needs,” he stresses, “not problems.”

Keith Tisher's listing of services. (1)
Tisher’s available services

In business for nearly 30 years, Keith has a unique sewing history. He designed and sewed specialized holsters for the 2002 Winter Olympics security force, modified chest harnesses for ski patrols, and has constructed packs for llamas, horses and goats. His limitless design mindset gives him the ability to see a need and deliver a well-thought out and constructed custom product. Need a teepee? Keith can sew it. How about a specialized shoulder perch for your pet parrot? He’s fashioned one of those as well. Keith has sewn blackout curtains for Hill Air Force Base F-16 flight simulators, sails for windsurfers, and once refurbished a woman’s collection of corsets. “I have over 13,000 projects under my belt,” Keith notes.

An avid cyclist, Keith designed a touring bicycle pannier that, when reconfigured, also functioned as a transportation bag for a bicycle’s frame and wheels. A shift in the cycling industry, he claims, redirected consumer interest away from the touring style bike and Keith’s million-dollar product dream. Not to be deterred from fortune, Keith’s calls his latest hand-crafted idea, My Sweet Spot. My Sweet Spot is a pair of padded shoulder straps to which a heavy-duty laced sheath is stitched. The user can slide any umbrella handle into the sheath, thus creating secure, hands-free protection from rain or sun.

It takes a master to deftly operate a machine that power-sews fabric at 3,000 stitches per minute. Combine that talent with an altruistic, entrepreneurial spirit, and the result is a trusted professional with a trusted name.The Sewist, Keith Tisher

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