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Storage Container Gardening

Harvest Squared turns storage containers into fruitful gardens.


harvest1Harvest Squared is a company based in Park City, is changing the way we look at farming. Using what is basically a storage container and a system of growing plants without soil, called hydroponics, you can farm 365 days a year. You only need to add seeds and water.

“We basically are a technology company, but our container project has worked out really nicely and showcases what we are all about,” Steve Hough, co-owner of Harvest Squared, said. “We have been working on this thing for about nine months to a year, after seeing some others do it on the east coast. Our first stab at it has worked out to be a really great product.”

Hough, along with partner Mike Motyka, have taken a shipping container and created a vertical farm that can grow over an acre of produce in the small space. Hydroponics uses 90 percent less water than normal farming, and utilizes LED lights. Lettuces, brassicas, herbs and microgreens thrive in a modfarm.

“There is no wasted water, the plants only use what they need, and the rest goes back into the circulating reservoir,” Hough says. “It is a very efficient way of farming. The plants also grow a lot quicker because they are babied indoors.”

A container currently costs $79,000, and is being marketed to anyone who sells or uses a large amount of produce. They are a good resource for restaurants, especially those that rely on seasonal items. You need only two parking spaces to house a modfarm, and they can be stacked as well.

According to Hough, you can harvest between 2000 to 3000 plants per month from just one modfarm. Hough has also developed an app that will automate your modfarm so you can control the temperature, humidity and water all from your smart phone.

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