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Leather working class at Make + Master Photo by LeeYen Lobendahn
Chelsea - Founder of Make& Master
Chelsea Scanlan – Founder of Make + Master Photo courtesy of Chelsea Scanlan

Chelsea Scanlan has worked in event planning and film photography most of her career. After moving to Utah from Hawaii last year, Scanlan reached out to local businesses she would find on Instagram or others she had an interest in learning more about, and started photographing them.

“I knew that I wanted to work with small businesses somehow, I just did not know how, I really enjoy learning and I feel that there are so many people with interesting talents and trades,” Scanlan said. “I had the idea that those people should teach those skills instead of having to go to a university and sign up for a 6-week course.”

Make+Master provides a hands-on learning experience that is taught by a local business owner. From bee keeping and making raw honey with Queen Farina from Logan, to leather working with Stock & Barrel Co., each class teaches a specific trade or skill. In return, participants take home knowledge, an experience and a product.

Classes vary in length and price depending on materials, which are included in the price of the class. In addition, a nice lunch is provided, sourced from a local eatery. “This is an experience, it may seem like an investment but it is very enriching,” Scanlan said. “You take home a product, tools, knowledge and you get to meet with local makers. They are happy to answer questions; they don’t withhold any information about their products. It’s a great opportunity to learn.”

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