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Sugar House Trestle Tavern

A new tavern will open at 15th and 15th in June


View of patio at 1500 E 1500 So.

With the closing of one of Utah’s beloved neighborhood restaurants on 15th and 15th, comes the opening of a new tavern-style hangout, Trestle Tavern. It will be brought to the neighborhood by Scott Evans of Pago, Finca, Hub and Spoke and East Liberty Tap House. Evans plans to give the former home of Fresco’s a slight overhaul and serve some fresh and different tavern and pub-type foods.

“The idea is to be a neighborhood gathering spot with casual food,” Evans said. “Similar to the Tap House in that we want to have it be really approachable and casual but elevate the food quality, a little more plated, with the product sourcing at the same level of commitment to local farmers and high quality, making everything in-house.”

After purchasing the space, Evans initial thought was to basically re-launch Fresco’s and serve Italian food, but after further reflection, he realized that Fresco’s had lived its course and he decided to create something he would want in his own neighborhood. He also wanted to bring some flavors and cuisine to Utah that is unique.

The atmosphere will be legitimate tavern style, no linens on the tables, with no reservations, and kid friendly. Craft beers, cocktails and wine will be served along with draft hard ciders. Evans said he is also looking at doing a few draft wines as well.

“The culinary menu will be American pub classics like burgers and fries but also with quite a bit of emphasis on eastern European pub-food, like chicken pirogues and borscht soup, really comforting foods and flavors that are not foreign per se, but that compliment tavern cuisines,” Evans said.

The tavern will hold 42-46 tables inside with additional patio seating of 50 tables. Evans is currently interviewing for a chef and crew for the space. Plans are to open sometime in June.

“We have designed Trestle Tavern around what we feel the neighborhood wants and needs. We have heard they want a casual place they can go once or twice a week to have some good food, but more casual than the existing offerings in the area, and something you can walk to and have a drink or a burger but not as formal. We are trying to be an every-week restaurant.”


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