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Check out the baristas nominated by Utah Stories readers.


“Mom, Dad, I want to be a barista.”

While this might not be a sentence every parent would look forward to hearing, there is an increasing number of very intelligent, outgoing, personable millennials and Gen Xers who are choosing this career path. Ambition to do great work, to be a part of a community and to interact with friendly customers who appreciate the hard work that goes into producing a specialty coffee beverage, are just a few of the perks in being a barista. Making a ton of money does not usually go along with the occupation. But for a generation which is more interested in great experiences, we can see why so much talent is gravitating toward the world of coffee.

We decided in our second coffee issue we wanted to highlight a few of Utah’s top baristas. We realize that this list is very much incomplete. And we know that many of Utah’s incredible baristas don’t really care for additional attention. But still we wanted to shine some light on a few of the people who manage to “brighten the day” for many of their customers.

Photo by Taylor Killian

Vanessa Shelburne – Daily Rise Coffee

“Vanessa is always so positive and greets you with the most gorgeous smile! And the coffee is the best too.”






Duffy Gallivan – Blue Copper Coffee Room

duffy gallivan
Photo by Dung Hoang

“Top rate barista and an awesome cup every time.”








Scotty-Ray Phillips – Publik Kitchen

Photo by Dung Hoang

“Scotty is always welcoming with a warm smile and excellent customer service. I’ve followed him from Whole Foods to here! As a former barista myself, I think he is the best one ever.”





Caleb Meurer – Watchtower Cafe

Photo by Mike Jones

“Great guy, makes a killer latte and so sweet and nice. I don’t think he has a mean bone in his body.”





Adriana Martinez – Mestizo Coffeehouse

Photo by Mike Jones

“Every drink she makes hits the spot, she has excellent recommendations, and is always pleasant to see in the mornings!”







Amy Fry – Publik Coffee:  “She’s obviously the best barista and person, ever.”

Nicholas McDonald – Blue Copper Coffee Room:  “His coffee is as good as his personality, he leaves a little sparkle wherever he goes. Getting a coffee from Nick is an experience that you will never forget, he is like a unicorn that fills your heart and stomach with happiness, joy, and coffee.”

Sabriel Parker – Publik Kitchen: “She’s friendly and dedicated. She is flat out gifted at what she does. Best ever!

Jimmy Kosmas – Greenhouse Effect: “Jimmy has always been about community building. On more than one occasion I’ve seen him donate incredible amounts of time to help his clientele at Greenhouse. Whether it’s giving a cup to a homeless man on the house or sharing ideas and conversations. Jimmy is a great dude, who also makes a great latte.”

Forrest Williams – Publik Coffee: “He makes the best espresso and his milk foaming is second to none he caramelizes it perfectly to bind the espresso. Also was a pleasure to work with as well as the smiliest guy whenever I show up!”

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