Blue John Canyon — Ralston’s Rock Found

Watch the stunning video about how aliens left some of the most elaborate pictographs ever found over 5700 years ago. On careful examination the pictographs clearly show a spacecraft and floating aliens who visited natives.


Last month, I had the opportunity to visit Blue John Canyon, High Spur Canyon and Horseshoe Canyon – home of the Grand Gallery. I made the tour with Navtec Expeditions out of Moab, Utah. While there, I visited the site where Aron Ralston’s arm was pinned for 127 hours. We also visited some of the most stunning examples of slot-canyon geology found on Earth.

I can highly recommend this trip for any Utah native or anyone visiting Moab, who wishes to see some incredible places off the beaten path of the standard tourist experience. These places have been in my backyard for my entire life. I’ve heard about them, but rather than visit these very remote sites, I’ve been to the much more heavily-traveled canyons such as, the Zion Narrows, Peek-a-boo, Spooky, and Coyote Gulch. This was my first visit to canyons located inside of the Maze District. These canyons are superior not only because they are so remote and difficult to reach, but also for their geological diversity. Some of the canyons are tall and straight; others narrow and wavy, others still serpentine, which at times get cave-like and dark.

This video was produced using three cameras (a Go Pro Hero, Canon PowerShot and a Canon 70D). I came home with around 13 hours of footage. This is my first attempt of adventure video story-telling. I would love your comments and feedback.

We will be publishing a complete story on this by May 20th. In the meantime pick up the current (May 2016) issue of Utah Stories to read the complete story.

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