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“End of Utah Stories?” Video

Watch this video to learn about some of the obstacles facing small businesses


ig_utahstories_taxLast month we wrote a story called, “The End of Utah Stories?” Will Utah Stories as we know it come to an end? We had discovered that the way in which we employ our writers, from all over the state of Utah, might be invalid because most of them do not have their own businesses providing journalism for us and other outlets. Instead we seek the most passionate, informed and well-versed citizen journalists to provide our excellent content.

The Department of Workforce Services might find this model non-compliant. We certainly hope not. It was great to hear from so many readers showing their support and offering suggestions on how to handle this form of government intervention.

Here, Richard Markosian, publisher of Utah Stories, talks via video about some of the problems facing Utah Stories and other small businesses fighting to succeed.

Anyone who is interested in the concept of citizen journalism and improving the quality of hyper-local content in Utah is encouraged to watch. We would like to use this video to facilitate a meaningful discussion about how to improve the communities in Utah to make them more friendly to small businesses. Give us your input!



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