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Concert in Colorado City with Tom Bennett

Musician Tom Bennett is holding the first ever music concert in Colorado City’s polygamist compound on March 18.


Tom-BennettMusic crosses borders and boundaries

Come to the first-ever concert in Colorado City’s polygamist compound!  

As a musician, I have been on tour the last two-and-a-half years, and on one tour I detoured into Colorado City, the center of the FLDS sect and a way of life foreign to the vast majority of Utahns.

Approaching a large group of kids in prairie dresses and long sleeves playing kickball, I desperately wanted to start a conversation, but knew that outsiders were off limits. I got out my guitar and harmonica and quietly started to play, hoping the music would bridge the gap between our worlds.

Four-year-old Jacob first drew near, staring in awe at my harmonica. I asked him if he would like one, and he nodded shyly in the affirmative. His grandmother stood watch over the flock of children, so I asked if I could give the child the harp. “I don’t see why not,” she responded.

I showed Jacob how to blow into it. Soon all the children swarmed us, and the walls were down. That settled everything. I needed to play a show in Colorado City!

Outside music was not allowed, I discovered, but after moving to St. George following the end of a tour, I met as many former FLDS people as I could.

A year down the road, I was sitting in the heart of Colorado City in the only coffee shop in town. I was introduced to the owners by some friends of friends, and they were interested in hosting a concert in their space.

The show will be at Berry Knoll Bakery on March 18th at 6 pm. It is free to the public, and all are welcome. I’ll be there, blowing my harp and building a bridge, note by note.

On October 15, 2016 a Colorado Music Festival is planned. You can go to Go Fund Me to make a donation to help make this event happen.

For more information contact www.tombennettonemanband.com

Tom Bennett is a travelling musician and founder of Sweet Salt Records.



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