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Made in Utah Sweet Makers use quality and innovation to run ahead of the crowd.



RubySnap is probably the only cookie maker in Utah who has taken on the largest cookie monster in the world – the Pillsbury Doughboy. After being sued by Pillsbury to change her name, My Dough Girl, or risk getting crushed by a team of lawyers and inferior cookies, Tami Cromar didn’t give up, she re-branded as Ruby and grown her business ever since. RubySnap cookies are made fresh every day from the most pleasurable ingredients such as almonds, white chocolate, Montmorency cherries. Each cookie is represented by a beautiful pin-up girl, but requires less maintenance and produces more pleasure. RubySnap cookies and dough can be purchased at Harmons and Whole Foods, or at her shop at 770 South 300 West.

Sugared Caramel Candy

Sugared Caramel Candy is the sweet concoction of Michelle Wolfe.

More than forty years ago Michelle’s grandmother discovered a unique recipe for  homemade caramels from scratch. As a small child, Michelle’s mother learned this recipe and passed it on again to Michelle when she was a girl. Michelle now makes buttery smooth caramel in flavors her grandmother never imagined. And while some things have changed, the most important things have not – the sugar is sweet, the butter is rich, and the cream is as fresh as ever.

Sugar Candied Caramels can be bought the the Sugar House Baking Company at 902 East Logan Ave. in Sugar House.

Hatch Family Chocolates

There are factory-made chocolates, then there are hand-dipped chocolates made fresh by artisans.

Big box stores sell beautiful looking chocolates made in factories, but factories can never emulate the quality, unique blending and fresh taste of hand-dipped chocolates. Kate and Steve Hatch are carrying on a tradition that started four generations ago. Their chocolates are heavenly: the salted caramel and chili pepper truffles are a rich mouthful of holiday cheer.

Hatch Family Chocolates is located at 376 8th Ave.

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