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Do You Have Your Halloween Costume?

Looking for a great Halloween costume – visit Pib’s Exchange in Sugar House.


Remember when choosing a costume was easy? They came in a box at the local Grand Central store. The material was thin and sometimes tore when you tried to put it on. It didn’t matter anyway because your mom made you wear a coat. Trying to hold the mask on with that flimsy elastic was not easy. After the first five minutes of trick or treating you had to carry it.

But now you’re all grown up and dressing for a night of Halloween fun is a chance to be someone else for an evening. You can be the superhero you admire or you can let your monstrous side come out. Playful, flirty and bold are all easier to pull off behind a mask.

Visit Pib’s Exchange in Sugar House for the the costume that’s just right for you.

Pib’s Exchange is located at 1147 Ashton Avenue in Sugar House.


Photo by Nina Tekwani
Photo by Leg Avenue
Photo by Leg Avenue
Photo by Leg Avenue
Photo by Nina Tekwani

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