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In 2010 Utah Stories visited several Utah Hot Springs. Since that time Ogden River Springs has been closed due to construction in Ogden Canyon. Alas,Stinky Springs suffers from neglect and disrepair. But the following springs are still worth checking out:


Diamond Fork Hot Springs – Photos by David Jensen

Diamond Fork Hot Springs – Hike and then soak at these sulfurous springs. After ascending some 2.5 forested, creekside miles, the trail opens to the thrilling sight of a significant waterfall. Three sets of simply constructed, deliciously hot soaking pools border Fifth Water Creek by the falls. Here you will encounter a diverse range of public regulars, from Boy Scouts to the Burning Man crowd. Soaking in the buff, though not officially-sanctioned is, in this magical forest setting, still an option exercised by some naturists.


Midway Local Springs – Located just outside Midway proper, very hot piped-in water flows through a relatively long, clear, shallow, gravel-bottomed pool with dipping access on one side, and dense thickets of willows and cattails along the other. This soak is a quick and easy, right-off-the-road, natural experience; though depending on the eco-consciousness of previous visitors, the surroundings can feel bucolic and pristine, or lamentably unsophisticated.DSCF0418

Crystal Hot Springs – Seven bucks gains you entrance to a year-round public soaking and swimming facility, a destination popular with families, locals and those seemingly afflicted. The on-location presence of both hot and cold springs yields various, regulated temperatures in different pools and tubs. The lodge building houses old fangled lockers and changing rooms. Similar to a conventional public pool facility, the vibe here is fun-with-rules.

The Homestead Crater in Midway – What looks like a 55-foot high, earthen igloo is actually the accumulated result of thousands of years of deposited limestone covering a 65-foot deep pool; a mineral-rich pool so blue and warm it’s hard to imagine you’re not in the Caribbean. Swimming, or soaking for a casual, pre-reserved hour, is open to the paying public. Expect to share your out-of-the-ordinary swim with scuba classes.DSCF0414

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