Moab’s Triassic Industries – Back to the Basics

A Southern Utah tree service where nothing goes to waste.


Triassic folks best
Left to right: Jeff Schafer, Jenni Urbanczyk, Justin Wiggins and Christopher George. Photo by Richard Markosian

How does a tree cutting service become an art gallery? Simple. Ask Jennifer Urbanczyk, who owns Triassic with her husband, Scott Anderson.

“We have been a tree service in Moab for about eight years, and Justin was making spoons and jewelry and selling them at farmers markets. About two years ago we opened our retail store.”

Triassic is a full service tree, wood, art and furniture store. First, they cut down trees. Then they examine the grain and, regardless of the tree type, if it’s beautiful they turn it into furniture. If it’s not deemed furniture-worthy it then becomes firewood or mulch. Some of their nicest pieces have come from Russian olive and cottonwood trees.

Triassic uses the remaining wood waste to heat their wood shop. “We don’t have any dumpster here. We are full circle; we use pretty much everything,” says Urbanczyk.

Besides being a unique company, Triassic has an exceptional hiring and career structure. “Everybody starts as an intern, and they learn to make cutting boards and sand. Then they get into making headboards and desks and chairs and more creative stuff.”

“Justin made the chair out of a Russian olive in about four hours. It’s considered a weed tree, but the grain is beautiful. These are two beautiful woods that are otherwise just firewood.”



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