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Salt Lake Roasting Co.

John Bolton of Salt Lake Roasting travels the world to bring his customers the best coffee.


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John Bolton of Salt Lake Roasting Co.

According to John Bolton, owner of Salt Lake Roasting Co., coffee is the epicenter of his business. He purchases beans from about 28 countries, most of which he has visited personally, to insure the highest quality brew for his customers. He looks for certified organic, shade grown and sustainable harvest beans.

John feels the face to face contact with farmers when purchasing is key. He doesn’t just purchase a commodity he gets to know the culture behind the growers. “I’m in an enjoyable position to be able to travel the world.” Coffee is his passion and he wants it to be the best.

Salt Lake Roasting Co. started in 1981. John says, “The Ibis store was around then, but I don’t think they were serving coffee yet. Between Denver and San Francisco there were not many place like Salt Lake Roasting. I was in the enviable position of being a monopoly.”

That position has changed over the years as more and more roasting companies enter the market. John welcomes the competition, “The new kids on the block keep me on my toes, keep me honest and keep me striving.”John Bolton of Salt lake Roasting co. roasting a Maunier panama -3 resized

Visit Salt Lake Roasting at 320 E 400 South or at Library Square, 210 E. 400 South.

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