Fresh Moab Coffee

Roasting on a century old machine to produce an amazing blend.


DSC_0135Bob Owen ditched a fancy job as a medical researcher at the Mayo Clinic to move to Moab. Owen isn’t the only one: “Moab is a magnet for PhDs seeking a more simple life.” He says he has never looked back on his high-stress job rife of politics and big egos.

Owen picked up a 100-year-old German-made roaster capable of roasting around five pounds per batch. He only roasts a few batches per day. On the day we visit he is roasting Ethiopian coffee beans. Inside men are chatting with Owen waiting for him to finish so they can drink their freshly roasted first brew roast of the morning. The aroma and the sounds of both machine and cracking beans are enchanting.

Bob Owen roasting his daily grind

Owen’s focus is on single-origin coffees from around the world. He hand labels his bags with the country of origin and his simple stamp with FMC. The Fresh Moab Coffee we take home and grind was an excellent rich-flavored treat that hinted of chocolate and chestnut. One of the best coffees I’ve tasted.

Fresh Moab Coffee is opened 7 days a week and even if Bob is not there customers are invited to come in and enjoy a cup of coffee on the honor system.


83 East Center St. Moab, Utah


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