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Red Rock – local and loving it!


Kevin Templin of Red Rock with a glass of Chocolate Chilli Porter
Kevin Templin of Red Rock with a glass of Chocolate Chili Porter Photo by Mike Jones

In 1994, Red Rock Brewery opened in downtown Salt Lake City in a rundown area known more for crime statistics than innovative craft beers. Now, over 20 years later, Red Rock is prospering, and the whole area is a vital, thriving and expensive business district.

Kevin Templin, head brewmaster says, “We are one of the last few locally owned breweries around. We’re not in a hurry to become a big brewery; we just want to make good beer.”

Red Rock fulfills that goal with several best sellers. Number one on the list is Elephino Double IPA, an American-style IPA made with six varieties of hops. Close behind is their Imperial Red Ale.

PaardebloemMany eagerly await Red Rock’s seasonal brews – Paardebloem, an ale brewed using dandelions as a bitter, and Red Rock Reve, a barrel-aged Belgian style trippel. The seasonal beers sell within days.

Red Rock is growing. Last year they increased production at their facility by 40 percent. They have three locations in downtown Salt Lake, Fashion Place Mall in Murray and Park City. And though they have “a guy in Idaho who buys a pallet, and another guy in Chicago who buys a pallet,” they aren’t ready to expand out of Utah yet. Templin says, “We haven’t explored the whole local thing yet. We’re happy with what we’re doing.” §


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