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Photo Collective – Providing a Hub for Photographers

Photo Collective provides Salt Lake with a community photo studio.


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Jessica Judy Gilmore and Dave Brewer of Photo Collective Photo by Mike Jones

The importance of a good community photo studio can’t be understated. As a photographer, you often want the control and security that shooting in a well equipped studio space can offer.

To every serious photographer’s delight, in the summer of 2011 an establishment opened that would contribute to Utah’s art scene in a way that hadn’t been seen in quite a while.

Moving from Los Angeles to Utah in 2010  Dave Brewer says, “I noticed there were a lot of Salt Lake photographers collaborating on bigger productions but there really wasn’t a space for people to come together,” Photo Collective was opened to serve this niche.

In the years since 2011, Dave and his life partner Jessica Judy Gilmore have fine-tuned the Studio, turning it into a local mecca for photographers and models.

“The Photo Collective is a home-base for studio photographers. I collaborated with many people to to create educational workshops, classes, and building the studio into a versatile space that any photographer would want to use,” says Dave.

The Photo Collective boasts a myriad of backdrops, a studio equipped with lighting, a natural light studio, an Epson 9600 44-inch archival inkjet printer, a fully functioning dark room, an antique/vintage camera collection, and even an office spaces.

“We really are a networking hub for photographers, filmmakers and graphic artists,” Dave says. “We get photographers that range from professionals to amateurs.”

“The Photo Collective occupies a 100-year-old space in west downtown that was originally Salt Lake City’s Greektown. The space was once a cafe and hotel that was called “the central meeting place of the working man.”

“Our building really does have a unique history. From providing opportunities for immigrants and artists who were just arriving, up until now, a hundred years later, this space continues to offer opportunities and a place for people and artists from all over to gather. We are planning on hosting a Valentine’s Day ball on February 14.” Check the website for information:


The Photo Collective

561 West 200 South, Salt Lake City, UT

11:00 am to 7:00 pm

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