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Silver Star Hardware

Eclectic Silver Star Hardware has something for everyone.


Silver Star scaled
Cindy Andrews of Silver Star Hardware Photos by Mike Jones

When you first step into Silver Star Hardware you instantly see that it is not your typical hardware store. The smell of coffee is in the air, Michael Buble’s Christmas CD is playing and there is a peace sign hanging from the ceiling. On your left local artists’ work is displayed and on the right sits rows of drawer pulls, door knockers, doors and other hardware. There is something for everyone, from hardware to home improvements to jewelry and gifts.

Just over 15 years ago Cindy Andrews, owner of Silver Star Hardware, started noticing there were things she could not find in other hardware stores, so she opened up her own.  Originally she sold hardware and coffee. “I like to call myself a complement to the big box stores. I enhance what they already offer,” says Andrews. “When I got into this business there started to emerge big hardware companies that didn’t want their products to be sold in the big box stores. They needed a specialty kind of display to show their full line of hardware.That was a perfect shoe in for me.”

Silver Star Hardware also works with builders doing remodeling and new construction for commercial and private projects. “We are always available for consultations,” says Andrews. “The hardware helps bring enchantment to your place.”

The most unusual thing sold at Silver Star hardware is a decorative case to hold a Mezuzah. “We offer peace products, Buddhas, crosses, alters, angels and all kinds of stuff,” says Andrews.

“It’s an experience to come in here and stay for a while. It gets really busy. I’m really, really fortunate,” adds Andrews, “We’re about being nice and kind.”Silver Star exterior scaled


Silver Star Hardware

2327 East 3300 South SLC

Mon-Fri, 10 am-6 pm, Sat, 10 am-4 pm


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