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Caru Das Photo by Dung Hoang

Excerpt: There isn’t meaning to a hand serving a hand, the part serving the part, the servant serving the servant. There is meaning only for the hand serving the whole body, the part serving the whole, servant serving the master. We can keep ourselves busy going down our to‑do list, but there’s a difference between being busy and being fruitful.

You can water each and every leaf and flower and tree, and that’ll keep you busy. But it’s not fruitful. What is fruitful is just to water the root of the tree. Then all the other purposes are served. So let me ask you this. Are we letting good causes distract us from the great cause of serving the Cause of all Causes?

When we serve Krishna, we learn to slow down, to strike lots of things off our to‑do list, to simplify our lives by focusing on what’s important, being true to our creator and honoring his greater purposes for our lives.


Bio: Caru and Vai have been in Utah Valley since acquiring 5 acres and a radio station property in 1981. An adjacent 8.5 acres was purchased in 1991 and the current Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple opened in 2001.

965 E 3370 South

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