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The Souvenirs: Vintage Country Trio

The Souvenirs enjoy living and performing in Salt Lake City where they harmonize together in their vintage country trio.


Souvenirs Utah country music

“Good things come in threes” has never sounded better than the absolutely captivating three-part harmony sung by The Souvenirs. Their new album, debuting in late August, is a must have for anyone who sincerely loves classic country.

Kiki Sieger, Marie Bradshaw, and Corrine Gentry are The Souvenirs Photos by Dung Hoang

Marie (guitar/vocalist), Kiki, (bass/vocalist) and Corinne (fiddle/vocalist), former members of the Folka Dots, are now The Souvenirs, an all-women, vintage country trio whose voices layer together in enchanting harmonies leaving listeners yearning to hear more. Their sound is simple yet impressive. These lovely ladies truly personify their retro country music: simple, southern, and beautiful.

Though they hope to push their music across borders, The Souvenirs enjoy living and performing in Salt Lake. “Salt Lake isn’t as cut-throat as some place like Nashville,” says Marie. “People here are really into music, and we love playing for crowds that genuinely enjoy what we do,” adds Corrine, “Music is so ingrained into our being…it’s a part of us. And as long as someone enjoys it, we’re happy.”

Previously performing as The Folka Dots, the women had a strong fan base. “I just don’t think people know we are The Souvenirs now,” Marie explains. The Folka Dots slowly began to dissolve about a year ago as artists wanted to pursue different directions. But these three have been together for years now, even before the Folka Dots. Previous fans shouldn’t lose interest, and new fans won’t be hard to accrue. Those melodies and rich intertwining voices are still the same.

The Souvenirs bring with them some of their past sound, but now the emphasis is unquestionably on their voices. “We don’t use instruments a lot,” says Corrine, “We like to be able to move around and work the microphone.” Marie explains that, while in Nashville a couple months ago, The Souvenirs recorded 16 new songs in three days. Even more exciting, they recorded every song live while standing around one microphone.

When asked what listeners should expect on the new album, I Ain’t Happy Yet, Kiki puts it simply, “sad.” As they all laugh, Corrine says, “Well, emotion is complicated. We show that in our songs. It’s hard to be 100 percent sad or 100 percent happy.” The Souvenirs’ new album has three covers and thirteen original songs.

Marie eagerly informs Utah Stories that they’ve been writing songs for years, and they finally got to record their favorites. Yet, Kiki said her favorite was the cover of Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire.”

The Souvenirs currently have three songs posted on their website from their new album. The album is also now available for preSouvenirs-7459sale. Salt Lake music enthusiasts, western souls, and anyone looking for something new – this is a group you simply cannot ignore.

For the album visit: thesouvenirsmusic.bandcamp.com/releases

Website: http://www.thesouvenirsmusic.com/music.html


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