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Addictive Behavior Motor Works Moves to Salt Lake

Salt Lake City welcomes Addictive Motor Works – Custom Choppers and Service Shop.


Candice Davis, owner of Addictive Behavior Motor Works, loves motorcycles. Her family played on dirt bikes and she and her husband would frequent motorcycle shops looking for a street bike. One day, after shopping, Candice turned to her husband and said, “Would you be mad if I wanted to buy the whole store?”

He wasn’t surprised, and told her if she could get her own investors she should go for it. Candice did just that. She lined up investors and bought a local franchise of Big Dog Motorcycles. She thought she was on her way to fulfilling a dream when the Big Dog company folded three weeks later.

Candice Davis at Addictive Behavior Photos by Dung Hoang

Not ready to give up she rethought her business plan and, taking into account the state of the economy, came up with an idea to offer a shop specializing in used motorcycles and power-sport vehicles. It was a piece of the market that hadn’t been cornered yet.

Addictive Behavior, originally located in South Salt Lake, is a dealership as well as a service center. They add a touch of customizing to the bikes they sell whether through new pipes, paint or upgrading an exhaust system to sound “bigger and meaner.”

Though they’ve built some choppers from the ground up, at a price tag of around $70,000 for new ones, they prefer to find pre-existing choppers and customize them.

Candice is most proud of their service shop. “It has an industrial classic feel that is nostalgic. We really try to have that old shop feel with old school service as opposed to a corporate feel. People want to feel that their bike is loved.”

Addictive Behavior recently moved from South Salt Lake to Salt Lake City on 547 West 700 South. On April 25, 2014 they threw a “Welcome to Salt Lake” party along with the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce.

Whether you are a rider or just a connoisseur stop by and check it out.Addictive_Behavior-7125

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