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Salt Lake City Date Ideas for Hipsters, Rednecks and Ski Bums

Great Utah date ideas for every stereotype.



Are you a hipster?

Do You:
•Have to have some sort of
facial hair, beard or mustache that is well groomed?
•Have at least one tattoo?
•Own a fixed gear bike?
•Know what a gogi berry is?
•Wear Buddy Holly style
•Enjoy the Verve, Coldplay or
English Mod style?


Start the evening by meeting up with your date at The Stockist at 9th and 9th followed by Zuriick boots and shoes. After getting suited up, head over to Kilby Court music venue to attend an indie-rock concert, share a musical moment, support a local band and romance over the social fire pit. Kilby concerts are low-cost, and sometimes free depending on the type of show. Then, end the evening at Alchemy Coffee mingling over a local-roasted organic latte. Top the evening off to a visit to the Beer Hive Pub in downtown. Order a shot of fine scotch and let your date sample one of the lambic-style Kriek belgium beers or any one of the hundreds of others available there.

redneckwineAre you a redneck?

Do You:
•Wear or own tight fitting
Wrangler jeans?
•Own a pair of cowboy boots?
•Believe that a “beertini” —
PBR mixed with margarita mix
is the world’s greatest cocktail?
•Have a trailer in Levan, UT?
•Own a shotgun with enough
rounds to kill a flock of geese?
•Appreciate the lyrics of “Ach-
Breaky Heart?
•chew tobacco mixed with
your beef jerky or gum?

If you said yes to two or more of these you just might be a red neck and really enjoy these date ideas.


Pull on your cowboy boots and best pair of Wranglers, and head on down with your cutie to The Westerner (21 and older) in West Valley City, where you can swing each other around on free country dancing nights every Thursday through Saturday. Complimentary lessons are also available Thursday and Friday. After dancing, impress your date (or not) by riding the free mechanical bull. For a change of pace, head over to A Bar Named Sue, a place that knows how to keep drinks cheap while all you fun-lovin’ Red Necks toss back a Pabst Blue Ribbon. Kick back and load some romantic country songs on the jukebox. But if a romantic daytime date is more your style, take a scenic drive to Park City and visit the High West Distillery for a free tour and a chance to sample some of the distillery’s best products. Tours are available to the public everyday at noon, 1:15 and 2:30 pm. Reservations are recommended.

skibumAre you a ski bum?

Do You:
•Work at a ski resort, solely
for the benefit of the free
•Use the word “sick” as
adjectives to describe anything
that is great, good or

•Dine out while wearing ski
or boarding gear?
•Attempt to hold a graveyard
shift or night job so that
any powder day is available
for getting freshies?
•Ski or board in shorts in
March or April?

Ski Bums

Ski Bums no doubt work up a hunger tearing it up on the mountain all day. Most ski bums reside on the slopes of Alta, Solitude or BrightonPorcupine Grill and the Canyon Inn are the finest apres-ski hangouts. At Porcupine share a plate of their mountainous nachos topped off with a pitcher of Cutthroat Pale Ale. Canyon Inn offers cream cheese stuffed pizza, that is the bomb. The perfect follow-up? Take your ski bums to Wasatch Spas where you and your date can rent a hot tub. Soak up the day while gazing into each other’s eyes. Rentals are $14 per person for an hour, or $11.50 for a half hour. Still want more time together?

The mountain calls at night from Hog Wallow Pub located on Big Cottonwood Canyon Road and the base of our mountains. Here you can dive into some of the best bar food in town and enjoy a live acoustic performance. Another great place for music and food after skiing or hiking is the Garage on Beck Street. Their burgers rock right along with their live local bands.

Misconceptions: Busting Your Stereotype

Matt Spencer (real ski bum)
Matt Spencer (real ski bum)

Matt Spicer describes himself as a ski bum. He says one of the biggest misconceptions of being a ski bum is being jobless with nothing better to do than ski all day, “We do have stable jobs, some have had jobs for years. Skiing and boarding are expensive and you have to be able to afford it. We don’t all live and die to go snowboarding, seven times a week, every season. Like I said, some of us have jobs.” Spicer also includes that many ski bums are not all lazy. Some are decidedly civic-minded, “We like giving back to the community, and we care about how the mountain is treated.” Diarius Jackson, a hipster, says there are many misconceptions regarding this label, “Contrary to popular belief, being a hipster does not make me a vegan, I also like to watch sports, and the silliest moustache does not win King Hipster.” Also contrary to popular belief, Jackson adds, and something less stereotypical, “I can actually fit a pair of pants under these pants. They’re not that tight. Give me a break! Oh, and my leather shoes? Well, they were expensive.”

Mark Bishop (true redneck)
Mark Bishop (true redneck)

Mark Bishop, a true redneck at heart, knows about redneck misconceptions and is happy to dispel common beliefs about them, “Yeah I’m a redneck, and I love PBR, but I also love a good bottle of wine too…not white wine though. That is for woosie’s.” Mark also adds that another misunderstanding of rednecks is the need to own a truck, “I don’t drive a Ford or a Chevy, I drive a Jeep. I do look pretty good in my Jeep with my wife-beater shirt on.” Lastly, when it comes to redneck music, Bishop is clear on what he enjoys, “Now my favorite musician still is Hank Williams Jr., which will kind of date me, but when I’m ready to cut loose and break out, and put on my long sleeves and kick my heels up, there’s nothing like listening to some Pearl Jam.”

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