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How Utahns Can Easily Score Sundance Tickets

How do locals get tickets to the Sundance Film Fest? It’s easier than you think.


“Please don’t tell anybody.” says one local Sundance festival goer who is participating in Sundance for the 30th anniversary.

As a credible journalist who doesn’t not reveal sources nor information my sources do not wish to have on record, I will not divulge the specifics of the “secret” these locals wish to not have heavily publicized.
But I can report that it turns out that The Sundance Film Festival still offers some great ways for locals to see the same films in which visitors are paying huge money to premiere. “You just wait in line and show your driver’s license and you get the tickets.” It turns out that it is just that easy if you  are willing to wait in line and know where to be at the right time.

While this “secret” offer has already passed as of around 10 AM this morning, it turns out that many local Utahns who volunteer for the festival also have perks with the job including attending screenings. Sundance is made possible with the help of hundreds of volunteers, many of of the organizers, ticket sales people and crowd controllers are unpaid volunteers doing the jobs just for the perks.
Another way for locals to be involved is to wait in line for stand-by tickets. Every film, including premiers, offer a certain number of stand-by tickets. So if all the corporate bigies and stars and regular ticket holders are too hung over from last night’s party at Sting’s house there are certain to be a decent number of tickets available to locals into each screening. Obviously your best chances are the morning screenings.,
For the best chances arrive at least one hour before the screening, especially for the most popular films. I was told that some of the most desirable films are Frank and Fed Up.
Registration for individual tickets is not required this year.  Remember, if you prefer to purchase tickets online, you must do so at least 36 hours before showtime.  Otherwise, visit the main box offices.  A new mobile-enabled wait list system has been set in place this year so hopeful moviegoers won’t have to wait outside in the freezing Park City temperatures.
Finally, if you don’t want to wait in line or even leave your home, this year Sundance will be offering a number of their shorts on YouTube. This won’t begin until January 16th.
For more information on tickets and the films Sundance will be showcasing this year, please visit:



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