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Strong Over 50: East-coast Phenom Spreads to Salt Lake City

Aimed towards anyone, read all about the new fitness craze sweeping the nation, and that has found a home right here in Salt Lake City.


The name of the gym is Strong over 50, with the emphasis on strong. Although marketed towards the boomer generation anyone can benefit from a workout that increases strength, balance and flexibility.

strong over 50The SO system utilizes suspension straps attached to an aluminum bar. By holding onto the bar, a person can balance while using their own weight to exercise. “If you can stand up, you can do this,” says co-owner Bruce Skinner. “We have one client who is 72 and others in their twenties. The system is so versatile we can tailor a workout to your personal fitness requirements.”

Skinner spent 24 years in the army as a master fitness trainer and his partner, Jordan Smith, played college football and is an MMA fighter. They provide personal attention to their patrons throughout a 45-minute workout. Legs, upper body and core muscles are all toned.

For Harriet McDondald, the gym has provided a chance to increase in strenth “as much as my muscles will allow, and I find I am always increasing that limit. I like the small groups and personal attention.”

“Utah is huge on fitness, but not everyone can handle the crossfit level of vigor,” Skinner said. “With Strong Over 50, you will be amazed at yourself.”

Strong Over 50 is at 1354 South 1100 East. Hours are 6am-8pm, Mon-Fri. Saturday 8-4 pm.

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