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Grow Wild: Garden Shop That Offers Hearty Native Plants

Consider planting wild plants in your yard this year. Read here to find out more.


grow wild

“Purveyor of ecological sound gardens,” is how Geoff Christensen describes himself. His nursery, Grow Wild, offers Utah native plants almost exclusively along with plants appropriate for Salt Lake City’s climate.

Among the native plants offered at Grow Wild are oaks, maples, flowering shrubs, groundcovers and grasses native to the Wasatch Mountains. One of the flowers he offers that is endemic to Utah is the Wasatch penstemon, a trumpet flower with a bluish tint.

The nursery offers plants from throughout the state, while concentrating on Northern Utah flora. Geoff has found that the best place to harvest plants are mountain areas not disturbed by buildings or roads. Invasive species can take hold when the ground is disturbed thus crowding out the native plants.

Because the plants he sells are native to our desert environment they need very little water. An aesthetically pleasing garden can be cultivated while conserving water. Another advantage is that native plants attract native pollinators that can benefit an entire garden. For gardeners who enjoy a harvest from their garden Geoff also offers native edible berries and fruit trees.

Grow Wild is on 372 East 2100 South. It is an outdoor nursery and is open from March to November depending on the weather.

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