In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lambert

Read about one of Utah’s most established nurseries.


Over 55 years ago, Paul and Barbara Lambert grew plants in their backyard greenhouse. They later moved to their present location at 3910 S Redwood Road where Lambert Floral, Spring Garden Plants, has expanded to seven large greenhouses. Redwood Road was a different place then. There were fields and farms rather than wall-to-wall businesses.

utah lamber floralThe Lamberts had eight children who grew up helping in the business and playing in the dirt. Two of the sisters, Marianne Rowley and Joan Willden, continue to run the business.

One of their favorite parts of working in the greenhouses is discovering new varieties of flowers and vegetables to offer each year to the public. “Dad loved the Jet Star tomato ,” Joan says, “and he was the first one to grow it in the valley. We now offer over 60 different kinds of tomatoes.”

They cultivate and sell everything from cherry tomatoes to big beef steak tomatoes. Just hearing the names makes you want to try these heirlooms; Brandywine, Black Krim and Mr. Stripey. You will also find a good selection of cucumbers, melons, greens and squash plus lots more – not to mention many different flowers.

Many neighborhoods in the valley have become ethnically diverse. Lambert’s now offers, among other things, a Kabocha squash and Kermit eggplant requested by the Asian community, and Super Chili peppers that are popular with the Latino community. Other favorite vegetables requested by their customers have been added over the years.

When asked why Lambert Floral has such loyal, longtime customers Marianne replies, “We try to provide value to customers. Quality and value.”
With nearly 800 varieties of flowers and vegetables, how many could you grow in your garden?

Open April, May and June.

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