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Midvale’s Bohemian Brewery

Like Czech-favored beer? Check out Midvale’s Bohemian Brewery.


The Story of Bohemian Brewery begins a new chapter with the passing of founder Joe Petra.  But the future looks bright for Czech-style beer brewed in Midvale.

Brian Erickson and Joel Moore carry Joe's legacy into the next generation
Brian Erickson and Joel Moore carry Joe’s legacy into the next generation

Midvale’s Bohemian Brewery lost some of its essence when founder Joe Petras passed away unexpectedly last year. Essence, perhaps, but not its vision which lives on in two young co-brewers Brian Erickson and Joel Moore, both 29.

“Our big thing is trying to keep true to what his principles were,” Erickson says, “But of course, we also have the responsibility of making sure we continue to fit into the landscape for beer and keep the business going.” Moore continued, “Because of our niche and what we are trying to do we feel it’s important.”

As for the high point beers, Erickson says, “We are still exploring the 4-point world.”

Moore added, “It does come down to the culture behind how we were established, especially the Czech. We think we can make real flavorful beers without there having to be this real big alcohol content.”

Besides their own pub, Bohemian beers are on tap at restaurants and in cans at Utah grocery stores. Both Erickson and Moore are strong proponents of cans. “By far a superior package for beer. It’s the little tiny beer keg. Utah is a natural fit for cans. A lot of the places people take craft beers are places where you can’t take glass, like rafting and backpacking. Cans are taking the industry by storm.” Erickson likens the bottle-can question to the cork debate in the wine industry. Fine wine with synthetic corks and screw-top caps are now commonplace. Bohemian beers have never been in anything but a keg or a can. “Before long everyone’s going to have cans.”


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