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Utah Senate OKs Prison Move –Big Payday For Senator Niederhauser

Utah Senator Wayne Niederhauser Scores Big on potential prison move.



Utah State Senator Wayne Niederhauser.
Utah State Senator Wayne Niederhauser.

One of the sleaziest forms of get-rich-quick schemes found especially in Sandy and Draper is developers going into the business of politics in order to find and accomplish special favors.

Senator Wayne Niederhauser scored a big win yesterday passing a bill in the Utah State Senate that would move the Draper prison. This would be a great idea for State Senator Wayne Niederhauser, who owns land that will skyrocket in value due to the move, but it’s a terrible idea if you happen to be a Utah taxpayer.

The bill to move the prison for taxpayers will be $600 million. The sell of the land is likely to fetch around $140 million. Operational savings will be $17 million. This means the $460 million shortfall will take 27 years before taxpayers are in the black on the deal.

Kudos to City Weekly reporting on this story in detail.

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