Liberty Park Emporium

Liberty Park Emporium is an intimate vintage and antique shop that also showcases contemporary pieces.


liberty park emporium“This is not your grandma’s antique shop,” says Monica Zoltanski, owner of Liberty Park Emporium. Monica is passionate about antiques and just as passionate about making them accessible.

Liberty Park Emporium is an intimate shop showcasing specialty vintage and antique items as well as contemporary pieces.

Zoltanski explained, “This is not for purists. Antiques are not an everyday purchase for most people, so we have a lot of decorative accent pieces mixed with more modern pieces.”

“The word ‘emporium’ suggests curiosity,” she explained. “People will have to view things closely and study objects. You’re just not sure what to expect.”

The location of the emporium is also part of its charm. Located near Liberty Park, Liberty Park Emporium is a smaller-scale store that fits with the bungalow style of living near the park. “ I view Liberty Park as the Central Park of Salt Lake City.”

The building is a converted gas station, with the original roll-up doors. She plans to open the doors in the summertime to utilize the outside space.

“It’s a cupcake of a location,” she said. “And we’re not behind a velvet rope. The pricing is affordable and accessible.”

Zoltanski stressed the Liberty Park Emporium is a store where everyone can find something interesting. “You can count on finding something great to make you smile,” she said.


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