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Wild West Beef Jerky Stand, Levan, Utah

You can’t beat their amazing beef jerky found in Levan, Utah!


Levan is the very center of Utah, which is why Levan is navel spelled backwards. Highway 28 leads to the navel of Levan which happens to be the Wild West Beef Jerky Stand. A sign outside reads, “You can beat our prices but you can’t beat our meat!”

Amanda Mitchell at the Wild West Beef Jerky Stand, Levan, Utah

This is just the type of place I need right now. My stomach is rumbling. Another sign reads that they are open but will be “back in 5 minutes” with a number to call if five minutes turns to ten. I appreciate the additional info, because these kinds of signs are notorious for their inaccuracy. I call the number, “I’m sorry. I’ll be right back,” I’m told. “We had a family matter to attend to.” Amanda Mitchell promises to return in 15 minutes. Worth the wait, the jerky is moist, tender and fresh.

There are no similarities between this product and the stuff called beef jerky found at gas station convenience stores. They share the word beef, but this is made with local beef, processed fresh, and Mitchell explains that most of what they sell on a daily basis was made the same day. Utah’s navel—is worth the stop to stock up on jerky! §

Not much is found online regarding Levan. If you find a link better than the Wiki page please send it to us and we will post it. Read more about Wild West Jerky here.

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