Johnny Kolache

So you have not eaten a kolache? What’s keeping you?


johhny kolache restaurant in Salt Lake City Utah

johhny kolache restaurant in Salt Lake City UtahThis Eastern European hot-pocket with a savory bun surrounding tasty innards is the featured treat at Johnny Kolache, 900 South 248 West.

And yes, there is a Johnny Kolache who makes them. Johnny is originally from Texas. The town does not matter since his personality could fill the entire state, and if his last name was not Kolache on the birth certificate, it sure is now. He opened the restaurant three years ago after discovering to his amazement there were no kolaches in Utah. Back in his day as a car salesman, he prepared them as snacks for coworkers. One dozen led to another until now, as kolache king he has nearly 20 varieties to choose from, including pulled pork, cheeseburger and jalapeno steak kolaches.

Most small eateries would be happy to get one restaurant review. Johnny has a thousand posted in plain sight. The restaurant walls are filled with customers’ magic marker paeans to the kolache. Who can argue with one fan’s comment – “More please?”

Johnny Kolaches is open Monday to Friday 7am – 3 pm and Saturday 8 am – 2 pm.

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