Paisley Dreams Jewelry Now Open

Newly-opened Paisley Dreams emanates the energy of owner and jewelry designer Arash Mafi,


There’s a clarity like clear water and clean air inside Paisley Dreams Jewelry. The space, painted in earth tones, provides a grounded backdrop for blasts of color from bright art on the walls to stone-and-metal jewelry in glass cases. Interior lines are crisp and the space itself is clean, very clean. The shop emanates the energy of owner and jewelry designer Arash Mafi,

Arash Mafi

who believes that everything we do matters, that we, and our deeds, and the earth are all connected. True to his good-vibrations philosophy, Arash has a vision for his business which includes offering a place for local artists to network, show their visual and functional art, and inspire one another.

“If you can maintain a lifestyle that’s created around making art, that’s a good thing, and one of my goals is to support local artists living off their craft.”

His signature jewelry designs are inventive improvisations hand-tooled out of silver, copper and brass with a stone as the visual centerpiece.       “I won’t use gold or diamonds, not because of the metal or stone itself, but because of the fact that people get sick and die mining these elements.”  

Arash will design and fabricate custom pieces, too, “for anyone and everyone,” and enjoys the process of personalizing a piece that will make the wearer happy. He fastidiously shapes and embellishes each piece, but only if the intention is clear and his heart is in a good space. He derives inspiration from “the universe, everything I’m surrounded by,” and maintains a healthy lifestyle, in part because he feels that “any love that you put in your art comes through the piece.”

Arash started making jewelry two years ago, and soon realized the affinity he had for design. When his hobby started paying for itself, he felt his dream “came together with passion and enthusiasm,” so he opened Paisley Designs at 1090 S. 1100 E. §

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