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What Will Utah Do With All The Illegal Immigrants? Utah Stories Top 5 3/25/24

On today’s top 5, issues are coming to light as we move toward November including what will Utah do with undocumented immigrants?


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Question of the day: What Will Utah Do With All The Illegal Immigrants? 

Phil Lyman who is running for Utah Governor tweeted, “Mass deportation is the only way to stop the #UtahInvasion.” Along with a graphic referencing legal immigrants as well as undocumented immigrants. District Attorney Sim Gill took to Twitter and said this on March 23rd in response to Phil Lyman’s tweet, “An appeal to stupidity is an explanation for this idiotic tweet fearing Naturalized American Citizens voting. POGO (Project On Government Oversight) was right “We have met the enemy, the enemy is us”. This is not America, it’s a perversion of its ideals. Mass deportation of American citizens, let that sink in.” 

  1. Utes Women’s Basketball Is Moving Onto The Next Round 

Utah’s women’s basketball team secured a 68-54 victory against South Dakota State in the NCAA Tournament’s First Round, and will move on to the Second Round. Despite a strong start with a commanding 20-3 lead in the first quarter, Utah faced a setback in the second quarter allowing SDSU a 17-0 run. Nevertheless, they finished the second half strong, maintaining a double-digit lead for the remainder of the game. Alissa Pili led Utah with 26 points, supported by Kennady McQueen’s 17 points, and Jenna Johnson’s 10 rebounds. 

  1. Big Developments in Downtown Salt Lake? 

What is changing in Salt Lake City’s skyline? The Astra Tower, Utah’s tallest building which Utah Stories went to the grand opening of is opening later this year. Worthington Tower on the northeast corner of 200 E. 300 S. in Central City, is well on its way to completion. South Temple Tower is beginning construction. The Utah Theater is just a hole, financing the project is difficult. The Aster, after years of delays, developers wrapped up the two buildings that make up The Aster (not to be confused with the Astra half a block away). Other developments include The West Quarter, West Downtown, Paperbox Lofts, go to Building Salt Lake’s article to read more in depth on this issue. 

  1. Utah Legislature Refuses To Release Lawmaker’s Public Calendars 

During Utah’s recent legislative session, the Republican-controlled Legislature passed SB240, which exempts lawmakers’ and state employees’ calendars from public records laws, according to The Salt lake Tribune. This move came amidst a push for increased secrecy, with lawmakers denying requests for calendar access and claiming the records didn’t exist. Critics, including Democratic representatives like Brian King and Kathleen Riebe, argue that such actions erode trust and accountability. Gunita Singh of the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press condemns the decision, stating that transparency is crucial for understanding officials’ interactions and ensuring they fulfill their duties. Lawmakers’ justifications, such as safety concerns, are dismissed as inadequate excuses for unnecessary secrecy. King emphasizes that public oversight fosters better governance by holding officials accountable.

  1. Criminal Illegal Immigrant Gangs Prey On Elderly St George Residents 

Thieves, including those from foreign countries and with gang affiliations, are causing havoc in Washington County, Utah, particularly along the Interstate-15 corridor, according to the Salt Lake Tribune. They employ tactics such as distraction theft and smash-and-grabs, targeting shoppers, business owners, and even churchgoers. Police in St. George, Washington City, and Hurricane have arrested members of these traveling theft rings, often carrying fake passports. The thieves typically operate in pairs or small groups, distracting victims while stealing valuables. They also engage in scams, such as offering fake jewelry for gas money or begging for items at Walmart to exchange for cash. The increase in theft may be attributed to heightened awareness and improved surveillance. Despite challenges, law enforcement relies on community reports to apprehend suspects. Residents are urged to report any suspicious activity to the authorities.

  1. What Does It Mean To Be A Rock Climber In Moab? 

Married couple Ben and Hannah Riley are both devoted rock climbers. They both have demanding full time jobs: he’s the executive director of a nonprofit that builds affordable housing and manages various complex housing programs; she’s a physician’s assistant at Moab Regional Hospital. But, they’ve both found time to train and achieve lofty climbing goals. Now Ben and Hannah are parents of a 7-month-old daughter, Skyler, but they still want climbing to be a central part of their lives. Go to utahstories.com for the rest of the stories detailing climbers’ lives in Moab. 

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