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Flavors of Ireland in Utah

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Utah at local venues offering traditional fare and spirits. With everything from bangers and mash to Whiskey Street’s collection of over 150 whiskies.


The fun of St. Patrick’s Day is that everyone gets to be Irish for a day. Cheers of Sláinte (whether you know how to say that or not), a pint of Guinness, some corned beef and cabbage and perhaps the wail of the bagpipes brings us all together to raise our spirits on March 17 — and with St. Paddy’s falling on a Sunday this year, look for celebrations all weekend.

For those of us who come by the Irish temper or the ginger coloring naturally, we may be looking for a bit o’ the Irish on more than just St. Patrick’s Day though. Among Utah’s diverse offerings of cuisines, Irish food holds a special place here, with its hearty dishes and comforting flavors invoking a sense of warmth and home. 

Let’s dish up some Irish fare where traditional recipes and modern twists come together to create a taste of Ireland dining experience any day of the year.

Fish and Chips at Piper Down. Photo by John Taylor.

Piper Down

Piper Down on State Street embodies the spirit of an Irish pub with its welcoming ambiance and lively atmosphere. Known for its live music lineup and trivia nights, Piper Down is the place to feel lucky about life. Not only do they offer up creative Irish pub food and some of the freshest Guinness on nitro tap, they also serve a Guinness latte cocktail with cold brew and coffee liqueur that will keep you doing a jig. 

Patrons can indulge in classic Irish dishes like Irish stew, Guinness-braised bangers & mash or savory Shepherd’s Pie made with sirloin and a Guinness beef broth that will transport diners straight to the Emerald Isle.

But the appetizer menu is where the creative twists and innovative flavors come through. Try their addictive Guinness mustard on fried pickles, the Big Piper Pretzel or authentic Scotch eggs (ground sausage wrapped around a hardboiled egg and deep fried).

Tuck into the Irish Nachos, a playful spin on a classic pub snack featuring corned beef and all the fixings over fresh-made kettle chips or the Reuben potato skins with corned beef and sauerkraut in crispy potato shells. Irish cheddar cheese curds and the Smothered Leprechaun (guacamole smothered in queso) are fun mashups of Irish and American culinary traditions.

Flanagan’s on Main

Head to Park City’s Main Street for authentic Irish fayre in the heart of ski town. Flanagan’s on Main showcases a variety of Irish specialties, from traditional Black & Tan beer-battered fish n’ chips to their signature corned beef sandwich served up with a perfect pint of Guinness — all amidst a cottage pub atmosphere with dark wooden floors and authentic Irish furnishings.

Nodding to Irish-American roots, get your fill of the classic Reuben sandwich here in traditional format on toasted rye bread or as the inventive Reuben Rolls — pastries filled with savory corned beef, melted Swiss cheese and tangy sauerkraut. Dunk them in house-made thousand island dipping sauce.

Warm up with a bowl of thick and creamy potato leek soup served with brown bread or in a bread bowl before enjoying even heartier options like corned beef and cabbage, beef and lamb Shepherd’s Pie or Irish beef stew — all great choices for chilly mountain evenings. 

For those craving something lighter, the Whiskey Chicken Boxty provides a delightful combination of flavors, featuring chicken sauteed with onions, mushrooms, garlic and fresh thyme in an Irish whiskey cream sauce.

Flanagan’s has a full selection of Irish whiskey for the perfect dram with your meal. But don’t leave without sipping down their famous Irish Coffee with homemade whipped cream. It’ll keep you warm from the inside.

Photo by John Taylor.

Other Irish Favorites

While not Irish pubs, these spots also offer some excellent options whenever the mood strikes.

  • Head to Midway Mercantile in Midway for Chef John Platt’s phenomenal Utah lamb shepherd’s pie.
  • Pull up a seat at Whiskey Street to drink in Utah’s largest spirits collection with more than 150 whiskies. They not only have an Irish whiskey selection, but also Scotch, American, Canadian and international choices. 

Dash to any of these establishments to soak in the essence of Irish hospitality. Whether enjoying a leisurely meal with friends, sipping on a dram, or listening to live music, patrons are warmly welcomed with open arms — a true taste of Irish hospitality. 


Feature Image: Bangers and Mash at Piper Down. Photo by John Taylor.

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