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Utah Stories is hosting Consider film premiere event, screening three films that address some of the most important topics regarding the quality of life in Utah.


Utah Stories is hosting Consider, a film premiere event, screening three films that address some of the most important topics regarding the quality of life in Utah.

Utah Stories, along with Midtown Productions has produced the first episode, A Voice For The Unsheltered, of a five episode Consider series, that addresses the seriousness of the homeless and housing crisis in Salt Lake City.

Following the film, there will be a panel of guests, including mayoral candidate, Rocky Anderson, David Durocher, CEO of The Other Side Academy, Jillian Olmsted, of the INN Between, Wendy Garvin, of Unsheltered Utah, Preston Cochrane of the Other Side Village, Ty Bellamy from the Black Lives for Humanity Movement, and Rena Rogers, CEO of Mental Health America of Utah. Panelists will be answering questions related to improvement of permanent supportive housing for the unsheltered in Utah.

The second screening following the Q&A will be Gondola Works? In this short documentary we ask why a gondola is being built on Little Cottonwood Canyon despite the fact that 89% of residents disagree with the proposal. Following the screening of that film, a panel discussion will take place with Robert Douglas and Carl Fisher from Friends of Little Cottonwood Canyon. We will discuss how and why the gondola is the chosen solution and what would be the best possible viable alternative to accommodate the growth of visitor ship to the canyon.

And, last but not the least, In Robbie’s Words, will be shown. It is a story about a young boy overcoming the hardship of a speech impediment.

Utah Stories has always been a strong advocate of building community through grassroots efforts. These film series events will continue on a quarterly basis in partnership with Brewvies Cinema Pub to address the most pressing issues that Salt Lake City is facing concerning urban growth development, and our ongoing housing crisis for the working class poor.

The cost of admission to film screening is $10 for general admission and $20 for VIP (includes a drink). Get your tickets here.

We are inviting the media to attend the event.
Contact golda@utahstories.com for more information.

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