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And She’s Dope Too: Women’s Adventure Collective Embraces the Outdoors

And She’s Dope Too helps women break through the stresses and trials of everyday life by creating long-lasting friendships and unforgettable experiences.


Photos courtesy of Jennifer Killian/AndShesDopeToo

Have you ever taken a girls’ trip that involved paddle boarding, trail running, and mountain biking, followed by nights around a campfire? If not, AndShesDopeToo (ASDT) is here to help you have this unforgettable experience.

I asked Jennifer Killian, founder of ASDT, what made her start the Ogden-based outdoor women’s collective. She explained that the business grew as a response to the stress and feelings of inadequacy women face in a fiercely competitive world: “We want women to feel 100 percent comfortable in their own skin, and we provide them the opportunities to try new and exciting things. ASDT helps women break through the stresses and trials of everyday life by creating long-lasting friendships and unforgettable experiences.”

For the past five years, ASDT has been doing exactly that by hosting unforgettable adventures. “Then,” Jenn says, “the rug was pulled out from under us.”

Like other small businesses whose income relies on interaction, ASDT ground to a halt with the COVID-19 pandemic. “Overnight,” Jenn explains, “we had to turn off all tickets and put a stop to the momentum we had created. Our small business wasn’t built to overcome a pandemic. We weren’t prepared for zero income for ASDT and especially for a family who depends on this for our livelihood. It was scary. It still is scary.” 

The Spring Rendezvous, which generates much of ASDT’s income for the year, had to be postponed, and all scheduled backpacking, mountain biking, climbing and horse-packing retreats were canceled.

But ASDT, built to help women overcome stress and inadequacy, is not giving in to the pressure. Jenn explains that, “We don’t want to be another small business on the Wasatch that has to close our doors … at a time when friendship and outdoor adventure are more necessary than ever.” 

ASDT provides a supportive sisterhood to help women have the outdoor experiences they’ve always wished they could. Jenn and her team are planning their postponed events and encouraging women from all over the country to join them.

“People sometimes think that the only women who come to our events are those who already love the outdoors, but that’s false. There are so many women who are searching for a community to teach them outdoor sports.” Sign up for your own adventure at andshesdopetoo.com

Next January, join ASDT for the Lady Wild Film Festival for films, food, swag, and a night to remember. Jenn isn’t sure exactly what the future will look like, but if you follow ASDT on Facebook and Instagram or subscribe to their newsletter, you’ll be the first to know.

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