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Service with a Smile: Best Food Service in the Valley

It takes more than great grub to keep you coming back to a bar or restaurant. What really makes or breaks an experience is the type of service you receive.


Garage on Beck : (Left to Right): Dylan, Spencer, Susan, Chris, Garrett, and Angelique. Photo by Rebecca Edwards.

It takes more than great grub to keep you coming back to a bar or restaurant. What really makes or breaks an experience is the type of service you receive.

Case in point:

Recently, my beau and I went to Trestle hoping for a nice night out. We’d been there a few times before, and we love their menu and the quaint environment. The minute we walked up to the hostess, we felt like we were imposing. After being seated pretty quickly (the place was nearly empty), we settled in, looking forward to a nice drink and a tasty meal. About 15 minutes later we flagged down the hostess and asked who our server was. Rather than offering to take our drink order (or refill the glasses of water we had long-since emptied), an argument ensued amongst the staff about who was supposed to help us. No one ever did. We got up and walked out.

Fast-forward to 10 minutes later:

We walked into a bustling and hectic Feldman’s. The owner instantly greeted us and ferreted out a two-seater so we could get our much on right away. It was all smiles and welcomes, and we were so glad we ended up here instead of suffering through another minute at Trestle.

This experience made me eager to acknowledge places in the valley that have never let me down with service. These bars and restaurants always treat you right, never leave you hanging, and make even a $3 beer feel like a world-class experience. So, in honor of those hardworking souls who make going out a pleasure each and every time, here’s a toast to the great service that makes these establishments a joy to visit again and again.

The Garage on Beck

From the first time I stepped foot into this neighborhood bar, I felt right at home. Whether I’m drinking them out of white wine, digging into some funeral potatoes, or simply chugging down soda with lime, this crew is always on point. And it doesn’t matter where you’re sitting, or who greeted you first—every member of this team is happy and willing to stop by, check in, and even shoot the breeze.
1199 Beck Street, Salt Lake City

Feldman’s Deli

This deli is always hopping, but that doesn’t keep them from treating every single customer like family. The food is amazing (Sloppy Joe, anyone?) but the warm, welcoming environment is what sends this Jewish deli nestled in the heart of Brigham Young’s “place” over the top. And, you might even get to be witness to a jam session featuring the owner and his pals. It’s the kind of place where you feel like you belong (and you never leave hungry!).
2005 E 2700 S, Salt Lake City

The Fisher crew (Left to Right) : Chuck, Pickle, Tommy and Annie.

Fisher Brewing Company

They may not be slinging hash, but this team knows how to hustle. This is another place that’s rarely got a lull, but I’ve never seen a long line for beer. Every single person on the Fisher team is attentive, friendly, and eager to help. Even when customers start backing up, they’ll still take the time to answer my questions about what makes the Denali Kolsch different from the Galaxy Kolsch—and why I should pick one over the other.
320 W 800 S, Salt Lake City


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