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Utah Restaurants: Gone But Not Forgotten

Memories and recollections of our favorite places to catch a bite.


74f236d37131f8f17cedca26ae037b8eAs Utah Stories planned September’s food issue we asked our readers to share their memories of a favorite restaurant that has since closed. Some of our fond memories include Der Ratskeller Pizza, Della Fontana, Beau Brummel, The Paprika, La Parisienne, Bratten’s Seafood Grotto, The Hawaiian, and The Print Shop. Actually we could go on and on. It is not just the great food that stirs memories, but the experiences and events that shape our recollections.

Eric Whittaker wrote: “Yes, Der Ratskeller is (was) one of the best, but Bill and Nada’s Cafe was a heartbreaking loss for me.”

Anita Ralph remembers: “Tampico!”

Deidre Larsen Whittaker: “Yummy Tree Chinese take-out on Highland Drive. I still miss the egg rolls.”

Joyce Marder:  “Based on a recommendation from a colleague at work, Budd took me to Tammy’s Diner. Since he is  hard-of-hearing and I am sound-sensitive, we favor places where there is low or no music, or where the staff will agree to turn the music down when we ask.

As a result of the diner ambiance, waitstaff’s cheerful service, freshly made decaf, and homemade comfort food, we became regulars. While not my favorite food, it was a favorite place. There are still nights when the place I most want to be after work is Tammy’s Diner, where we would sit and converse for as long as we liked and be made to feel like welcome guests.”



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