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Lucky 13: Beer and Burger Therapy

Where can you get a good ale and beer in SLC any night of the week?


Lucky_13_Celestial_Burger-6929Sometimes you need liquid therapy – you know what I am talking about: a coffee break at your favorite java stop where the pumpkin latte tastes so good you wish you could curl up in it all winter. But what if it is 8 pm on a Sunday night in Salt Lake City and your cravings have nothing to do with coffee, but with a good brew of the non-java type – perhaps one of those amber colored Belgium Fat Tires that go down so well with that burger you happen to be hungry for?

By now all you beer and burger aficionados out there probably know where this is going, but for all those who don´t – simply head West and enjoy the incredible selection of beer and tasty burgers, salads and treats at Lucky 13 Bar and Grill. While you may not be ready for the foot tall Big Benny or the 14 oz. Big Bear, the hearty and super tasty Celestial Burger might just be the ticket to drown out all that holiday jingle and other white Christmas noise that can linger unpleasantly after the holidays are over. To make it a real go, start out with the deliciously Crispy Fried Dill Pickle Spears – they are a perfectly crunchy prelude to any burger or sandwich. And for those who want the burger experience without the burger guilt, the Garden Veggie or Chipotle Black Bean burger are both excellent vegetarian options. Advanced beer connoisseurs might enjoy a Wasatch Devastator Double Bock Lager which at 8% alc/vol is a Doppelbock alright – even by this German author´s own exacting standards. If you prefer lighter fare a Cutthroat Pale Ale might be just what you are in the mood for. With more than 30 beers and some 20 whiskeys on the menu the choice is yours – just don´t go looking for wine as there is exactly one white and one red wine to choose from.

Lucky 13 is a great place to unwind and to take a break from the usual bistro-restaurant scene of downtown Salt Lake City which seems to become ever more expensive without delivering on the quality/price-ratio. And while you might not get that fancy latte at Lucky 13 you get all the ingredients of a relaxing evening out: good food, good people, good service.

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