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viral video: KUTV reporter faints then CNN makes it “news”

News… Really? KUTV reporter faints, then report a six-minute follow up story.


News stations love when their stories go viral on YouTube.

When KUTV News reporter Brooke Gram was on the skis reporting on how to cross country ski, then fell hard on the ground, her colleagues were snickering believing she slipped. She didn’t, she fainted. This might have been the end of the story. But not in a world with YouTube. Her original fall has received nearly 5 million views. The oddness of how she continues her report despite her laughing colleagues and how both her subject and the other woman standing there pretend nothing happened, somehow captures Utahns deftness in ignoring the obvious.


KUTV News, gave six-minutes to covering their own story about how their own reporter fainted. A doctor was in the house, telling Brooke what a great job she did fainting then getting up. Way to go KUTV, for getting us the important local stories that really matter.


Brook then made national headlines getting on CNN’s morning program:


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