Utah Stories Sponsored Content

About Sponsored Content

Building a brand is primarily about telling your story. Customers and residents make purchasing decisions based on brand awareness and the unique stories that locally-owned businesses offer.

Just a few of the brands that Utah Stories has worked with over the years include:

    • Uinta Brewing Company
    • Harmons
    • KUHL Clothing
    • Intermountain Farmers
    • Wasatch and Squatters
    • Minky Couture
    • Utah’s Own
    • Ruth’s Diner

Utah Stories now offers paid sponsored content stories. These stories are designed to drive traffic to business’ websites who fit our criteria for being a fit with our readership.

Sponsored content stories are produced by our team of our writers and professionally photographed by one of our photographers. We can include social media video, podcast promotion and digital newsletter promotion of your brand story. Please fill out this form to be contacted about details and package options.